The 3 Best Ways to Engage Your Target Audience

target audience

With the variety of marketing options available to engage your target audience, it can be an overwhelming process to decide which methods work the best. Some of the methods you use will be influenced by the type of audience you’re trying to attract. But there are three proven ways you can reach your audience quickly…

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Are You Struggling to Stay Ahead with Social Media?

social media

As with other online marketing efforts, social media is not a one and done type of strategy. In fact, it requires constant involvement and interaction in order to be effective. Which is probably why most business give up or don’t participate altogether because they find it too time consuming and overwhelming. The good news is…

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Should You Hire a Professional on Retainer?

hire a professional

Many businesses have someone on staff to handle their ongoing needs such as web development, building maintenance, or creating a marketing strategy. However, they may find that their designated person doesn’t always have the resources or time needed to perform the tasks assigned to them. Some will outsource this type of work but due to…

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How Well Do You Know Your Target Audience?

Part of developing a marketing strategy for my clients involves gaining a complete understanding of their target audience. Unfortunately, most businesses fall into a familiar trap that prevents them from reaching valuable prospective customers. As part of our marketing consultation, we ask our clients – Who is your ideal customer? Their answer – Anyone looking…

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Why Your List is Vital to Successful Event Marketing

Every good marketing strategy involves a plan to develop a list so that a business can market to it on a regular basis. What most businesses don’t realize is how important that list is when developing a marketing strategy for their event. No matter how big or successful your list has been in the past,…

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Never Underestimate the Power of a Good Content Strategy

There has never been a better time to reach prospective customers than there is now. Businesses have so many marketing channels to reach their target audience that it’s mind-boggling. They can reach people through direct mail packages or postcards. There’s also a wealth of choices online with email, website content, social media, and blog posts.…

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Timing is Everything in Event Marketing

Getting the marketing just right for your event can make a huge difference in its success. Part of getting it right all comes down to the timing of when and where your marketing takes place. One of the most common mistakes I see when it comes to event marketing is that companies don’t allow enough…

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How to Measure Your Marketing Campaign’s Performance

When you’re sending out an email, postcard, sales letter, or any other marketing promotion, it’s important to know who you’re sending it to and what their response is. Why? It’s a great way to know who responds to your marketing so you know who to target going forward. Direct response marketing allows you to track…

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Focus on What You Do Best to Guarantee Your Success

As someone who provides copywriting services, I meet a lot of people both online and offline. The one thing that surprises me most is how many business owners tell me that they spend hours doing everything but the one thing that they should be doing – running their business. I hear stories of people staying…

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Three Keys to Successful Content

If you want your business to get noticed online, you must create content. But just any content won’t do. You need to have a specific plan in mind to create content so that it brings attention to your website and your business. Here are three keys to achieving success with your content: – Relevance –…

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