Every good marketing strategy involves a plan to develop a list so that a business can market to it on a regular basis. What most businesses don’t realize is how important that list is when developing a marketing strategy for their event.

No matter how big or successful your list has been in the past, you will need to change your strategy when it comes to your event. The same offer should not go to every person on your list. Why?

Because the people on your list have different needs that will have to be addressed in your marketing. Here are some of the scenarios:

• Newbies – these people will have come to your list in the last few months. They probably came to your list by downloading a free report or attending a free webinar. They aren’t as familiar with your business so they will need more nurturing to get them to attend your event.
• Current stars – this group will consist of those who have done business with you recently or do business with you on a regular basis. They trust and know your business but you still need to provide them with the benefits of why they should sign up for your event.
• Used-to-be’s – the people on this list used to do business with you but you haven’t heard from them in a year or more. You’ve built a relationship with them but you must address the fact that they’ve disappeared off of your radar so you can get them to show up.

When you know the details of your list, you can address the benefits and challenges that exist to make your marketing successful. Most email marketing services allow you to track your list in order for you to have this type of data.

By separating your marketing message to accommodate different members of your list, you give yourself the opportunity to address each target audience’s specific needs. This will increase the potential of a higher number of attendees and enhance the success of your event marketing.