When you’re sending out an email, postcard, sales letter, or any other marketing promotion, it’s important to know who you’re sending it to and what their response is.


It’s a great way to know who responds to your marketing so you know who to target going forward.

Direct response marketing allows you to track and target any type of group within your list to see how they respond. You can separate your group according by many different factors:

Amount of money they’ve spent with you in the past
How long since they’ve spent money with you
Geographic location

Having this information will allow you to save time and money by knowing who responds to your marketing and who doesn’t.

By testing what messages are most effective, this will also help you to focus your other marketing materials like your website or social media posts.

Try testing your marketing message with sections of your list to find the right combination that provides the best response rate. Use different headlines or offers and see what gets you the best results. Then use those results to get the maximum effect from your entire list.