What’s Your Content Marketing Strategy?

A business in today’s world can’t survive without content. Yet I meet so many people who don’t have a plan for the format, message, or frequency of their content. If your business has a website, you must have content. If you’re trying to reach people online, you must have a strategy to do it. In…

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Do You Need to Revamp Your Marketing Strategy?

Has the response rate from your marketing promos dropped? Or, are you not reaching as many prospective customers as you’d hoped? It may be time to revamp your marketing strategy. Staying Away From “Generic” Messages Most businesses make the mistake of thinking that a generic marketing message with “stick” with someone and eventually generate sales.…

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Does Your Marketing Strategy Reflect Your USP?

Your business sells a product or service that provides a solution to your customers. But are you addressing that solution when it comes to your marketing strategy? Whether you sell software that helps streamline processes, provide lawn care and maintenance, or recruit top executives to large corporations, your business provides a solution. And your solution…

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