Has the response rate from your marketing promos dropped? Or, are you not reaching as many prospective customers as you’d hoped?

It may be time to revamp your marketing strategy.

Staying Away From “Generic” Messages

Most businesses make the mistake of thinking that a generic marketing message with “stick” with someone and eventually generate sales. The problem is that you’re missing out on the opportunity to attract your core audience.

You need to do the necessary research to uncover what your audience wants. It’s not about what they need, it’s about solving a pain point that keeps them up at night or nags them constantly. To do this, you need to go to where you’re clients spend their time. This could be social media platforms, reviews on retail sites like Amazon, or on forums.

Regardless of where you go, make sure to zero in on what your audience wants and how you can give it to them.

Diversifying Your Marketing Strategy

Once you know what your audience wants, it’s time to show them that you are the answer to all their problems.

That means that you have to create content. Lots of it.

So, if you’ve just been posting blog posts, you’re going to have to diversify your marketing strategy to truly reach your audience. You can post to social media platforms, record videos for YouTube, or send emails to your list. You could also try direct mail strategies, webinars, or even speaking at events.

But, don’t just stop there. You need one more step to make sure you’re not wasting your time.

Analyzing Your Marketing Strategy

With all of the available tools on the market, there’s absolutely no reason why you shouldn’t be testing and analyzing your results.

As you start to work on revamping your marketing strategy, take small steps and review results often.

You will want to test different landing pages and sales letters. Test alternate subject lines with your emails. Most of the major platforms have testing and analysis built-in. The more you test, the more you can develop the right messaging and platforms that will connect you with your audience.

Once you have that nailed down, you’ll have a more effective marketing strategy that generates results.