Your business sells a product or service that provides a solution to your customers.

But are you addressing that solution when it comes to your marketing strategy?

Whether you sell software that helps streamline processes, provide lawn care and maintenance, or recruit top executives to large corporations, your business provides a solution. And your solution should stand apart from your competition or else you aren’t leveraging what you do to grab your audience’s attention.

Defining Your Unique Selling Proposition (USP)

How do you make your solution stand out?

By turning it into your unique selling proposition or USP. Your USP is whatever you do differently from your competition. It can be a price point, years in business, specific processes or procedures, or a key employee’s experience or education. Regardless of what it is, it’s essential that you include in all of your promotions.

Your USP should be presented throughout your website, social media posts, emails, ads, and every single aspect of your marketing strategy. And it should directly relate to your solution. Your audience needs to know if the solution you offer will be in a cheaper, faster, efficient, or more proven way or they’ll go directly to the person who can.

In other words, your competition.

Incorporating Benefits Into Your Solution

While making sure your USP is represented throughout your marketing efforts, there’s another element that most businesses leave out. They only tell the features instead of showing the benefits.

Let’s say you have a lawn mowing business. You keep people’s lawns neat, trimmed, and clean. But those are all features. By using your services, people can spend more time doing things they love, avoid having to buy a lawnmower or just staying out of the sun. Those are the benefits and they need to be incorporated along with your USP into your marketing.

It’s all about addressing your client’s pain points and boom, giving them the exact solution they’ve been looking for.

The Powerful Combination of a USP and Benefits

Every business has a USP, whether they know it or not. And their products and services have a benefit to their audience.

By incorporating what you do differently from your competition and combining that with the true benefits of your product or service, you can generate more leads by attracting more of your target audience.

Everyone knows what happens when someone does their lawn. However, it’s your job to implement a marketing strategy that tells them why that person should be you and how it will make them feel when you do.