If you want your business to get noticed online, you must create content. But just any content won’t do. You need to have a specific plan in mind to create content so that it brings attention to your website and your business. Here are three keys to achieving success with your content:

– Relevance – your content must be relevant to your business and especially to your target audience. If you have a landscaping business, you probably aren’t going to attract many customers by producing content that talks about your child’s little league game. You want to let your customers (and prospective customers) know that you are their number one resource for lawn care and maintenance. Provide them with tips for caring for a lawn during the winter months, announce upcoming home and garden shows in your area (especially if your business will be there), show how you helped a customer with a difficult or unusual problem in regards to their lawn.

– Regular – you must provide content on a regular basis. If you provide it too sporadically, your customers won’t be able to rely on you for any pertinent information. Instead, they will go where they can find it and rely on it. The search engines will also rank you much higher if they detect you are providing relevant content on a regular basis.

– Optimize – Any content that you produce should be optimized with keywords. When your prospective customers search online, your content needs to show up in the results or your customers won’t find you. Do the research to find out what some of the popular search terms are in relation to your business so you can focus your content accordingly.

By including these three items in your content strategy, your content will attract your target audience. The more content you produce, the better your chances of improving leads and boosting your online sales.