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We often get contacted by businesses who need help with improving their marketing campaigns. Some aren’t sure of what type of lead magnet they should use or they don’t know what methods they should use to implement their plan.

A lot of the time, we find that businesses try to take on this task without the resources needed to make their efforts a success. Their staff lacks the knowledge or they don’t allocate enough of their marketing budget to complete the tasks necessary. Either way, the main complaint we hear is that their sales page isn’t converting.

That’s when we take the time to look at their entire sales funnel to discover where opportunities for improvement may exist.

Here are the three main problems we come across and how you can avoid them:

Lack of Focus on Your Target Audience – One of the first questions we ask clients is – who is your target audience? More often than not, the common response is whoever needs Product X or Service Y. While that may be true, it doesn’t narrow down the audience enough to get a complete understanding of who your audience is.

When it comes to your target audience, you should know their age, income level, occupation, where they are located. Some of these may vary or be difficult to determine in some cases but knowing these key facts should still help you to narrow down your audience. One key thing some businesses don’t ask about their target audience is, what problem can I solve for them? How does my product or service keep them from losing sleep at night?

It’s a good question as your product or service should be solving some sort of problem. That messaging should exist in every aspect of your campaigns and overall marketing to improve your results.

An Essential Step is Missing – Creating a sales funnel involves many different steps in order for it to be complete. Your sales funnels should include a lead magnet, squeeze page, ads directed towards the squeeze page, email campaign, and the product or service upsell. Some companies inadvertently skip a step or don’t treat each step with equal importance.

One of the main steps we find that is missing is traffic building. Regardless of what type of campaign you are implementing, it is essential that it receives traffic to make it work. More importantly, traffic coming from the right sources to ensure its success. Just like you have to implement traffic building strategies to your website, your sales funnel deserves the same amount of attention.

Traffic to your squeeze page will mainly come from PPC ads. You can use Google AdWords or Facebook ads to build and track your campaigns. We like using Facebook because we find it gives you more flexibility when choosing your audience. Regardless of what traffic building methods you use, they must be proven and consistent to provide you with the results you desire.

Your Copy Needs Help – Is your squeeze or sales pages not converting due to copy problems or your traffic building methods? You may need to look at both but one thing that is often overlooked is your overall message.

Copy will be an integral part of every step of your marketing campaign. From your lead magnet, to your ads and sales page copy, to your email campaign, you must incorporate a consistent and flowing message throughout each step. If not, you could be either confusing your prospects or losing them before they have a chance to do real business with you.

We often get requests from prospects to help them because their pages aren’t converting. While it sometimes is the result of their traffic building methods, it is often the lack of a consistent message. Make sure that you are using proven copywriting techniques across all channels. Your message should consistently speak to your prospect’s pain points to engage them and enhance the success of your campaign.

By taking the time to review your campaigns on a regular basis, you can easily discover why your marketing strategy isn’t working. Review every step or hire a professional to help you discover where you can make gradual improvements to improve your results.