social media strategy

Social media should be an integral part of every company’s marketing strategy.

While some may still consider it a fad, it’s certainly made an impact and it’s definitely not going away anytime soon. One of the contributing factors to social media’s importance to marketing campaigns is the fact that it’s not just for teenagers anymore. Users from all age groups use it in some form and it’s a perfect method to use to reach your target audience.

Even so, it can be a challenging task as it never stops unlike traditional marketing. That’s why we’ve put together this post to show you the 3 easiest ways you can improve your social media results.

Post (and post often!)

The main complaint we hear from our customers is that they don’t have time to engage in social media. It can be time-consuming as well as distracting but it’s important to show up where your audience will be present.

Posting only a few times a month isn’t going to get you engaged with your audience and that small amount of effort would only be wasted. If your audience is on social media every day, guess what? You need to be there every day too! Of course, you can’t be there 24/7 or force your staff to work on the weekends. Simply having a presence during normal business hours will make a big difference.

Remember that social media is in fact, social. It’s not about getting your ads in front of your audience. It’s about posting content that engages them in a conversation and subtly attracts them to what you have to offer them.

Focus on Platforms Suited for Your Business

Some platforms are more suited for specific types of business while others aren’t. I’ve heard from many B2B businesses that regardless of their efforts, they simply can’t get a solid following on Facebook or Twitter. But they do have a good following on LinkedIn.

This is where understanding your audience is key to the success of any marketing campaign. Knowing where your audience is and how they’ll engage with you can help you focus your efforts on the most profitable opportunities.
While certain platforms are better than others, you may still want to try a few social media platforms to see what kind of results you get. Once you analyze your results, you can decide which ones work best for you so you can reach your audience more effectively.

Create and Implement a Strategy

Deciding on a daily basis what you’re going to post on social media will wear you and your team down fast! There’s simply too much to do to not have a plan in place.

By implementing a solid social media strategy, you can avoid some major headaches. Your plan should involve how often you will be posting, what types of content you will post, where you will post, and what members of your team are responsible for what tasks.

Many free tools exist to assist you with organizing your social media strategy and monitoring its results. Regardless of how little or involved your efforts are, it’s important that you track and monitor it to consistently make improvements and avoid costly mistakes.

Don’t avoid social media because you aren’t sure of what it will do for your business or you lack the resources. It’s too important and with these three simple ways to make improvements, you can discover ways to engage your audience and improve campaign results.