There’s no denying that YouTube is a powerhouse.

In fact, when most people think of video marketing, YouTube is the first thing that comes to mind.

However, if that’s where your focus is, you could be missing out on huge opportunities to share your videos with the world.

Let’s take a look at other ways you can benefit from using videos in your marketing.


Most companies place a video on their home page as a way of introduction. You can also record a video from the CEO on an About page or an explainer video on a product or service page.

But, I have one piece of advice…

Please don’t put your video on auto-play!

There, I said it. I honestly don’t know of anyone (myself included) that likes something or someone screaming at them the moment they arrive on a site.

Your audience could be looking at your site late at night while their spouse or kids are sleeping. They could be in a quiet place like a library where the noise would disturb others. Or, they’re looking to escape their job for a few minutes and don’t want their boss to know what they’re up to.

Just, please don’t do it. Or, they’re likely to click away only to never return.

(And that goes for every platform mentioned in this post!)

Instead, have copy surround the video that directs people to watch it.

Sales & Landing Pages

Video sales letters are very popular in the online marketing world.

You’ve probably seen a recent influx of whiteboard animation-type videos in this format. They’re used so often as they’re highly entertaining and easily engage the viewer.

An important strategy to use here is when people click away from your video before it’s done playing, allow for a pop-up to give them the option to read the same or similar text instead.

Again, your site visitor may not be in the best location to watch a video. You’ll have better conversion rates if you give them the option to read the content instead.


If you have an email list in addition to your social media followers, that group may not be aware of what you’ve posted on social media.

Maybe you have a cool Facebook Live video or an Instagram Story that your email list may not be aware of.

Plus, so much is posted on social media these days, even your followers might have missed something.

Incorporate these videos into your email marketing campaigns so you can reach your entire audience, and increase conversions!

Social Media

It’s no coincidence that all the major social media platforms have made it easier for you to boost your video marketing efforts.
And the reason why is because videos are so popular with audiences.

So, if you’re not posting videos on social media, it’s time to start!

You can post informal videos about company news or events or tease an upcoming product launch. You can even post about fun events that your team is participating in around the community.

The possibilities are really endless here, just make sure you post content that reflects you and your brand.

Cross-Contaminating Your Video Content

Wait, is that legal?

Yes, thankfully, it is. You can post the same video content on multiple platforms to ensure that your entire audience gets the chance to see it.

Your social media followers may have never seen your site, or they may not be on your email list or vice-versa. Just keep your audience in mind.

People are used to seeing lots of videos on social media, but with emails, it may be best to limit sharing them to one a week.

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