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Sales Funnel Creation & Development

Where do you direct people when they land on your site or ad? If you’re not putting them in a funnel, you could be losing the chance to convert a significant portion of your target audience into paying customers. Our team can help you develop and create an effective sales funnel or improve results for an existing one.

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Our Sales Funnel Services Include:

  • Facebook Ads

    How are you attracting your target audience to your offer? By using the power behind Facebook ads, we can pinpoint those most likely to be interested in your product or service.

  • Landing Pages

    Need a better way to capture information from prospects? With an attention-grabbing landing or squeeze page, we can get people to take action and share their contact details.

  • Email Campaigns

    Looking to engage more with your customers and prospects? Let us help you build an email list you can utilize at any time to connect with your audience and boost sales.

Streamline Sales With:

  • Sales Pages

    Having trouble converting prospects into customers? We can craft a sales page that highlights the benefits of your offer, sets you apart from your competition, and improves results.

  • Upsell Pages

    Need to capture customers who already have their credit card in hand? We can take them to the next level in your sales sequence while they’re in buying mode with an upsell page.

  • Downsell Pages

    Wondering how to get a sale when someone clicks away from your sales page? Let us create a page that helps keep prospects engaged in your funnel with a lower-cost item.

Sales Funnel Management & Consulting

Online Copy Guru provides sales funnel management and consulting services. Our team can help you enhance results for an existing funnel, make suggestions for improvement, and assist with creating multiple sales funnels that incorporate all your products or services.

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Run Your Business on Autopilot 24/7:

Testing & Monitoring

We can split-test and monitor your funnels to ensure they produce optimal results. By varying copy elements throughout your funnel, we can provide you with the highest potential of keeping sales at peak performance.

Consulting & Recommendations

If you have a sales funnel that isn’t working well, or you require consulting prior to launch, our team can work with you to pinpoint any red flags. We can also help review your funnel to ensure each step is properly executed.

Building Multiple Sales Funnels

With multiple funnels in place, you can run your business on autopilot and focus more on running your business. Let us help you integrate all your products or services into funnels that create sales and engage prospects 24/7.

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