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Business Writing Services

Promoting products or services to other businesses requires a unique touch. At Online Copy Guru, we take the buyer and industry in mind when creating business writing materials. By tapping into two separate needs, we can help the buyer make a decision that serves both.

business writing

Our Business Writing Services Include:

  • White Papers

    Position your product or service as the leading solution above your competition. We can create a report for you to use as a lead magnet, in meetings with prospects or as trust-building literature at a trade show or event.

  • Case Studies

    What specific solutions have your customers experienced using your product or service? By preparing a case study, we can showcase the problem, journey, and solution that your client went through that led them to your business.

  • Brochures or Flyers

    Easily summarize your business or a specific product or service with a brochure or flyer. Our team will work directly with your graphic designer to ensure a smooth process. We will write copy that highlights key selling points your prospects need to know.

business writing

Other Business-Related Writing Services

Online Copy Guru provides an extensive array of business writing services in addition to copywriting. Our team will write and prepare a business plan, an annual report, or a full suite of materials to use at a trade show or event.

business writing

Promote & Showcase Your Business With:

Comprehensive Business Plan

We have the talent, expertise, and knowledge to prepare all aspects of a business plan. From documenting your complete marketing strategy to creating a full set of financials, let us help you obtain the funding you require from your bank or venture capitalists.

Annual Report

Your annual report is a window into your company’s activities and successes over the previous year. Let us help you create a stunning report that impresses your current stockholders and helps attract new investors.

Trade Show or Event Marketing

Need marketing materials for an upcoming trade show or event? Our team can help you with signage, brochures, and handouts. We can also help you develop and implement a digital marketing campaign designed to attract attendees.

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