3 Reasons Why a Thought Leader Should Have a Book

thought leader

As a thought leader, or someone working towards achieving that status, your personal brand means everything to your success. So how do you reflect that brand to your audience? For some people, it can be their blog or speaking gigs, but what about sharing the entire story of your success with followers? The best way…

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Should You Go Through a Traditional Publisher or Self-Publish a Book?

self-publish a book

Whether you write your own non-fiction book or hire a ghostwriter, you still have a decision to make. Do you go through a traditional publisher or should you self-publish a book? Until Amazon’s Kindle Direct Publishing came into being back in 2007, this question was a no-brainer. Sure, self-publishing existed prior to that, but it…

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Should You Hire a Ghostwriter or Write Your Book Yourself?

hire a ghostwriter

You know you have a book in you. You’ve known that for months or maybe even years, and yet you still haven’t written it. While you’re trying to figure out how you can get your book down on paper, more days and months go by. Should you give up trying and hire a ghostwriter? Or,…

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3 Reasons Why We Offer Ghostwriting Services

offer ghostwriting services

With a new year comes new plans along with new directions and focus. For Online Copy Guru, 2018 will mark our ninth year in business. I couldn’t be more proud for all that we’ve accomplished during that time. After going through our annual strategic planning and reviewing the projects that have highlighted our year, one…

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Why Video Marketing Goes Beyond YouTube

video marketing, video scripts

There’s no denying that YouTube is a powerhouse. In fact, when most people think of video marketing, YouTube is the first thing that comes to mind. However, if that’s where your focus is, you could be missing out on huge opportunities to share your videos with the world. Let’s take a look at other ways…

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How Do You Know What to Charge for Information Products?

information products

As we talked about in our last blog post, in order for you to determine the price of your product, you must first calculate its cost. Once you’ve gone through the necessary steps, you will use that number as the foundation of your pricing structure. Most information marketing experts state that your product should be…

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Determining the Cost of Your Information Products

information product

Do you know the cost of your information products? How much does it cost to produce them? What elements are involved? Why is this knowing this so important? No one wants to spend time and money on creating an information product only to find that it isn’t selling. The problem may lie in how much…

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How Do You Know What Types of Information Products to Create?

It’s one thing to decide that you’re going to create information products for your business but it can be difficult to decide what types of products you should create. There are a variety of products you can choose from but you will likely need to do some research to uncover which ones will work best…

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Are Information Products a Good Fit for Your Business?

information products

Information products are a great way to add additional revenue streams to your existing business. Some people actually make information products their complete business. But are they a good fit for you? It partly depends on what type of business you have and if it’s something your customers will be open to. If your business…

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How to Make More Money With Your Info-Marketing Business

information marketing

If you currently sell information-based products like books or training courses, you may want to consider expanding your sales strategy to fully monetize your business. Even if you’re successfully reaching your sales goals with your current strategy, you may be overlooking how to make more money and do it with less effort. People who actively…

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