What Problem Does Your Business Solve?

Your business sells a product or service that provides a solution to your customers or you wouldn’t be in business.

Whether you sell software that helps streamline processes, provide lawn care and maintenance, or recruit top executives to large corporations, your business provides a solution.

It’s important to make sure you promote your business according to that solution in every way possible. Your website, brochures, emails, advertisements, and any other marketing materials should speak directly to your customers based on that solution.

Instead of just saying what that solution is, show your customer how that solution benefits them. For example, if your business sells lawn care services, most people would understand that there lawn would be mowed on a regular basis.

Your marketing materials must show them exactly how that benefits them. By having lawn service, they can spend their time doing other things than mowing the lawn, stay out of the hot sun, avoid getting dirty, etc.

By playing into your client’s emotions and needs, you show them why they should buy this service from you and how it will benefit them directly.

Every business provides a solution but you need to show clients, as well as prospective clients, the benefits of that solution and what it means to them. You can provide this information in your regular marketing materials or you can show specifics through white papers and case studies.