Do You Need to Revamp Your Marketing Promos?

Has the response rate from your marketing promos dropped? Are you not reaching as many prospective customers you once did?

It may be time to revamp your marketing methods.

It can be easy to send out the same marketing message hoping that it will “stick” with someone. After time, you may lose your touch if you aren’t making any changes.

You may want to look at using a different method of reaching people. If you’ve just been focusing on blog or website traffic, it could be time for you to attend a public event and network or speak at a local venue.

If you currently focus on social media, you may want to reach another audience through direct mail or email marketing. Try sending out a postcard or a sales letter to show how your product or service can benefit the reader.

You can also try sending out a few different versions of a postcard or sales letter to see which message has the greater response, also known as split-testing. This will help you choose the right message to focus on and use in your other marketing materials.

When you use a variety of marketing methods, you increase your chances of reaching a wider variety of people. Do your research and find out where your current customers found you and expand from there.